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Sports Star Relocations specialise in the complete relocation management of elite athletes, whether it be a permanent or temporary move interstate or overseas. Sports Star can also assists organising top tier athletes and teams travelling to compete in one-off events.
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Professional | Discrete | Efficient


Whether it’s a one-off trip for a particular sporting event or a permanent move, our array of services ensure that top level athletes are free to focus on the task at hand and perform at their peak.


Moving to a new city can create wonderful opportunities but there are also numerous logistical challenges. The following services are provided by Sports Star Relocation ensuring that moves are as hassle-free as possible:

  • Assistance to find and secure the right home (whether buying or renting).
  • Making suitable arrangements for your old home (whether selling or leasing)
  • Liaise with mortgage and financial advisors to assist with asset management.
  • Furnishing your new home.
  • Making schooling and other arrangements for families.
  • Assistance moving in.
  • Arrange for the purchase/rental/lease of a suitable vehicle(s).
  • Organise holidays to suit particular needs and demanding schedule(s).


Overseas and interstate sporting tours and trips are fantastic experiences but also create a unique set of challenges. Often staff and athletes are only in one location for a short period of time and need to focus on preparation and performance. Without local and specialised knowledge it is easy to make arrangements that will cost time, money and ultimately affect performance. Sports Star can help by:

  • Finding and securing accommodation that is comfortable and convenient.
  • Arranging transport to accommodation and all other engagements.
  • Renting appropriate vehicle(s).
  • Locating and arranging suitable training facilities.
  • Recommending and arranging activities so that down time can be utilised and enjoyed.